Mood Board Monday on a Tuesday

I’ve been super excited that my sissy is going to come visit for Christmas!


This woman doesn’t really describe it enough- and questionably just may have to go to the bathroom.

I am more like ‘ahhhhhhh goodness-gracious-things-can’t-get-better-than-this!!! Ooops, hope she doesn’t notice the sweater of hers I have.’


That’s me running back to my bedroom to hide her sweater under the bed.

She’ll never find it there.

I can’t wait to show her Abe and have her here on my side of the world for a short while.

Cassie’s first responseĀ  when she heard we bought a house was ‘ahh so you’ve bought me a bedroom.’

Well yes Sissy we have. And I’m going to make the room so pretty that after one night of sleeping in it, you will be farting sparkles and never want to go back to DC.

So the pressure is on- we’ve got to make this room exceptional for my lil one. I’ve got to whip out all of my tricks- this will take some serious determination, execution and fire power.


Here goes the first draft-

Sissy's Rm-page-0

Thoughts? Will it make her want to stay?


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