50 (ok 2) shades of grey

We can’t make a decision- which is pretty out of character for me I must say. But it’s the tiles. What to do with the floor tiles for the bathroom? We know we want to lay them in the herringbone style, but the biggest dilemma of the weekend is -what colour tile to choose?

The options are– to go for a more industrial looking lighter tile, or a darker version which is a better contrast with the subway tiles. Oh my goodness the drama!

I’m not sure that either option will make or break the room- but we are in need of help. Who can make this decision for us?

Option 1, the subway meets industrialImage

Option 2- dark and dangerous- still meets subwayImage

That’s it- dark gray or light gray. Not 50 shades of grey, only 2. And these 2 different shades are putting my juju out of funk, someone solve this.


2 thoughts on “50 (ok 2) shades of grey

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