Mood Board Mondays (but Friday this week)

I’ve really got into this mood board malarkey and have decided I am going to start a mood board  Mondays post. Only this week I’ll do it on Friday…. because it’s awkward and is confusing? Nah, I am just too excited to show you what I’ve been up to!

So below are a couple of moodies I’ve done for our kitchen/diner/study. The general theme is ‘Albert Einstein cooking in modern France.’  The cabinets resemble book shelves, the material is woody, colour for the cabinets is downpipe and the rest of the room including the ceiling is diesel. Overall we want a science lab/study feeling going on. We will be using old apothecary draws we picked up at a junk shop in London for the big old island and it also has an open fire place in the study.

Because we all know when you get to work in the kitchen, it can be a scientific experiment (at least for me). I think the science theme flows perfectly well from the diner/study to the kitchen. I’m including some French aspects (like a gas cooking range) into the kitchen, mostly because I am really big into French cooking right now (Julia Child’s is my bible) and I am a staunch believer that a French dish, followed correctly, can’t go wrong.

Because our kitchen will be open plan to the study/diner  and even stairwell an entrance hall, it means that the entire feeling of being in a library is perfectly acceptable and not off balance (she says).  It also means it needs to be fun and something that has many layers. Above all it needs to be welcoming because we tend to linger the longest in the kitchen.ImageImageImage

Thoughts? What do you think about the theme ‘Albert Einstein cooking in modern France’? I’m convinced we can pull it off.


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