Sick and Mood Boardy

I’m still stuck at home with a chest infection I can’t shake. I’ve been back to the doc to get horse tranquillizer antibiotics to shift this thing and while there I asked the doc, and he assured me, that living in a dustbin wouldn’t make me the cough worse (which means I don’t get to convince Will to take me someplace with a shower and telly while I wait this thing out).

I’ve been pretty bored  so when my MIL Lindsey asked me what I thought ‘Contemporary Art Deco’ kitchen meant, I decided to make a couple of mood boards…. I mean what else am I suppose to do inbetween naps and going dizzy from coughing?


So what do you think? My favourite is number 3, it’s a bit bolder.


4 thoughts on “Sick and Mood Boardy

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