When I talk about Art

We are still disagreeing about what artwork to use in the bathroom (I think it’s high time we get a  JR beautiful photograph, Will is still not convinced photos are art). What’s most outrageous about all of this is that I can’t believe I haven’t gotten my way yet. This is how it is going with getting a dog as well… no success yet. No one would guess it, but I think Will is actually the boss here. Unbelievable!

For us art is a really important part of a room. It can lift the mood or set the tone to any room and after awhile, a piece of art can feel like an old friend. You come home and see that nice art work still smiling back at you and think, yup, life is good.  (I feel the same way about books though and am just more comfortable when they are swarmed around me. Last time we went back to Cheboygan and I walked into my room the first words out of my mouth were ‘all my old friends are still here’ referring to my books, sadness I know, because my actual  friends are spread around the world, but if I could fit them on a shelf in my home life would be so much more complete!).

So we know that artwork in the bathroom will be an important part of the mood of the room, should it be a serious loo, a funny loo, a poignant loo (normally from Will) or a classy loo? After working in it for the past month, I think it is a mischievous loo that wants a JR photograph…..

In the meantime let’s talk about art. If you say art is in the eye of the beholder, Will and I have very… and I mean very different taste in art. Will is incredibly harsh, if it looks at all like something he thinks he could make, then he does not consider it art (which is why he is resistant to photographs, someone help me!). He doesn’t hold back on his comments about a piece of art either, which can be awkward when the artist is in the same room as you….. it has to be technically brilliant for it to get Will’s attention. That’s why he likes Matthew Penn over at the Lilford Gallery (are most favourite gallery ever). The man is a genius, both technically and artistically.Image

I on the other hand tend to like things that make me smile and have nice colours. I think there is enough sadness in the world, and I don’t want to spend money dwelling on it. I want happy thoughts on my walls, preferably in shades of pink, gold, neon, ect. I will forever love JR, but also am currently also loving these happy clappy’s


I sea- Alessandra Gallo


Shaun Huckins- Talk Dirty To Me


Mike Chavez

We’ve been able to find a peaceful compromise on a couple of pieces so far, both are from the Lilford Gallery and you can tell in both there is a little bit of both of us, my love for colour and fun, his for technical brilliance. Image

Jack Frame- Cherry Blossom


Quicksilver- Cowboys- Tim Fawcett

Together we’ve managed to make a couple of our own pieces as well, there is nothing brilliant about them, which is why Will is not that big of a fan, but I love them! Cheap and cheerful way of decorating. We’ve currently  got homegrown  twits and elmer fud/bugs bunny on our wall right now, and they both make me smile while living in this dustbin.


Pieces of madness- made by us

So what is art? What makes you smile? How do you think it lifts the mood of a room? Will anyone else be able to convince my bossy-middle-child, that photographs can be art and belong on the wall?  Any artists I should be looking out for?


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