Pretty things I’m looking at

I’ve caught the dreaded lurgy, you know the one, snot everywhere and can’t stop coughing. I’m blaming it on a failed spring. Seriously if this spring was going to show up, she should’ve been here by now. We are all like groomsmen waiting at the alter, and all we’ve had is a call from her bridesmaid telling us she is coming. I’m off to the pub with the wedding party. Bugger spring. Silly cow.

(Look at that, I’ve started to complain about the weather. Help! I think I’m almost British now, get me a coffee and a hot dog!)

What does a bed-ridden girl do with herself, obviously just a bit more of what I normally do- get by with a lil inspiration from Pinterest. I’ve started to notice though that the only people who use this site are
-People who want to be skinnier
-People who want to make desserts
-People who want to wear neon
-Girls planning (or really creepy, dreaming up) a wedding.
-Japanese hipsters
– Silly ass DIYers

I consider myself a little bit of all of the above. Meaning this site was made for me.

So what have I been looking at for the bathroom?








Hooray? In a jest, I’m loving green, white tiles, Gray grout, pictures, brick walls, and fun cabinets.

We’ve picked some lights already found on eBay and online salvage site.



And I’ve looked at greens


In terms of good art, I’m loving JR, but Will needs more convincing



He is rad right? I love how he works with communities before putting up art that inspires them and him. The first photo is from the series women are hero’s what feminist wouldn’t want that on their wall?

But all of these pretty things don’t make me feel any better and I’m pretty sure living in this dust storm isn’t helping. We’ve given ourselves a timeline of completing the bathroom by April 30th. Is it doable? What will come first, spring or the bathroom? It’s anyone’s guess, but if neither come I’m going to need to talk to a professional for help, I’m not ashamed, this is getting outrageous.



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