Viva la dryer!!!

We bought our first washing machine and dryer. Nothing will make you feel older than that. Nothing. Not taking the elevator instead of the stairs, not when your student discount card out of date or doing taxes can be as substantial of a passage into adulthood.

But Will hates the dryer. I get told off for using it because it wastes electricity?!?! Americans have you ever ever ever heard of such a thing?! He tells me its £4 a load. Pshhhhhh

Since living in England I have been deprived of some of the best American inventions, Chicago style hott dogs, big roads to safely walk across– but the dryer has to be the one thing that my American blood is desperately missing.

Ahhhhh the feeling of putting on warm pants in the morning and how it can tackle clothing creases instead of messing around with a iron. What’s not to miss?

Will’s not having it.


And I don’t understand his problem. We’ve had the dryer for two weeks and we have only shrunk 2 of Wills sweaters and have lost 3 socks. Not too bad right? I think we have a lucky dryer!

Will doesn’t agree.

Some days its the littlest things, like warm pants, measuring in cups instead of grams, when no one understands what I’m doing when I point to my hand when they ask ‘where you from,’ that makes me miss home and America most.

Today I miss home and this ‘murican soooo doesn’t care if it is £4 a load. Viva la dryer!! .


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