Things you cut

Help! Now that we spend our Saturdays talking radiators over wine and our mortgage is less than what we were paying in rent (cough) I am feeling old. What happen to drinking who-knows-what from a red cup on a Saturday? And no hungover Sundays because we were like ‘what is a hangover?’

Now I spend hangover days like

Also spring is coming and during the change of seasons I always want to cut my hair.

And despite being childless and dogless I am all about the milf bob



But Mr. Dingle isn’t saying a lot, which means he is thinking ‘please not yet.’

Which is fair enough, because I’d comment if he wanted to shave his head.

Unless he was shaving to show me how much he really loves me via body hair.


But that day hasn’t come yet.

So I am thinking of other things I can cut. Like fabrics!

I’ll need a whole lotta curtains to cover Abe up so I’ve been doing some research and holy fraggelrock those things are expensive!

So we are going to make our own- this also means I get to choose whatever fabric I want. I’m thinking reversible/mullet curtains- business in the front, party in the back kind.

So going with this concept


But with some real party fabrics like






But my favourite would have to be


Bring me the scissors!


Tell me I'm wrong

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