Cowpie catastrophe

It happen sooner then I thought it could. We haven’t even started in the bathroom yet, but the toilet jokes are about to commence.

When I came home late from work Will was really excited to show me what he had done. Cement/concrete around the fireplace! It’s beautiful and means the floor goes in by the end of the week 20130220-211518.jpg

I was super excited! Any time something gets done in the living room, means we are closer to getting a bathroom.

But then tragedy struck.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and head to bed and what I found would’ve scared Stalin.


A massive cowpie laying at the bottom of the bowl!

I ran out to make sure Will was ok, because surely that wasn’t human.

And it wasn’t.

He had poured the rest of the cement mixture down the loo to get rid of it.

And now the cement mixture is stuck at the bottom of the loo. Because you know, it’s cement.


Poor Will is so embarrassed by this cowpie catastrophe.

When you come over, please forgive the mess


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