Trimming the hedges

Quick recap- we’ve laid the cement in the living room around the fire, or was it concrete that we laid? Whatever, it is hard stuff


Will had me try laying the hard stuff first but he eventually had to take over. We are so going to finish this room, and by room I mean floor, this week! Hoot hoot!!

But in the meantime, England has found itself tickling the idea of Spring for the past couple of days. The sun has been out and the temp is just warm enough to leave your coat at home (but still wear at least 2 sweaters, boots and gloves). So maybe it’s not spring, but its warm enough to think spring is a coming.

So naturally I’ve been thinking gardens. I mean I’ve been thinking gardens since we first saw Abe, but this spout of warmth gave me an excuse to bring it up to Mr. Dingle (who is soooo adamant that the garden is the last thing we do, but this girl loves a trestle!)

So on Sunday I watched the garden all day to see where the sun hits and when, you know to understand where I can get optimal sun for my lounging area. Holla we are soo SOUTH FACING. Not south west or south east. Just south.

I inspected all of our plants and tried to figure out what some of them are- help mom!

All I know is there are roses and lavender and snails! Oh my goodness I’m going to have a snail-a-cide out there in the actual spring.


So I watched the sun, measured up the space (15metres x 5.8 metres) and started drawing up plans.

Not being a designer in any shape or form, but loving pretty-shiny-things, I started with the house and thought I’d move my way out.

So lets begin with that backlight we just won on eBay.


But then I figured those bifolding doors might feel lopsided if we don’t give them an equally extravagant light on their other side. Something like this will do


And then roses to frame the bifolding doors! Oh I so want to impulse buy some David Austin generous gardener roses

How hott on the trot are these?

In my head they will frame the doors like this.


For colours for the yard I thought navy blue and bright pink? I used these nuggets of inspiration



Then remembered how much I want some lounging couches and a fire, like grown up hippies/celebrities



That last pic is boring, but organised. And I appreciate that the garden needs a bit of organisation.

I want to put up a giant living wall so we can’t see our neighbours and they can’t see us- no offense but no need for me to see into your bedroom when I’m doing the dishes, it’s just awkward for everyone.


And while we’re thinking about protecting Abe from intruders, I didn’t want to forget the front of the house.



I thought I did pretty well for a first draft. When Will got home I waited until he was most vulnerable, right before bed, to show him what I’d been scheming all day.

He was like

‘That’s lovely buttttt the garden is the last thing we are doing.’


But I may just impulse buy those David Austin roses though. They take a couple of years to develop anyways


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