Complexities of a wine bottle

Yesterday we had an action plan that flew out the window.

It started with sleeping in20130216-090614.jpg

Guess who the sprawled out cat is?

When we finally got up, there was banking and laundry and breakfast to make.

By about 10 Will got to work on the grinder20130216-091531.jpg

But that thing is messy, and eventually the cloud of dust it was making became too much.

So it set off the alarm system.

And we didn’t know the code to turn it off….

And either did the company that makes this alarm system…

And either did the woman whose mother owned Abe before us….

And either did the neighbours.

This alarm is loud – it could be heard up and down the whole street.

Uh sorry…

But luckily one of the neighbours who could hear the alarm let us know how to turn it off.

You disconnect it.

That was enough excitement for us.

We left the house and went to Will’s Mums kitchen company Burlanes to talk tiles, radiators and shower pumps.

We’re costing things up but still can’t decide what to do with the radiators.

To buy a couple of old school ones or not?

I think we all know my opinion.

The cost difference is outrageous.

But they are just so gosh darn pretty!!20130216-092749.jpg

We are also stuck trying to find what type of tiles we want in the bathroom.

Something fun like this

Or something more geometric like these


Or these tiles


Btw, my chopping-wood outfit is very similar to this models. See


So on trend.

Despite going to three tile stores we couldn’t find the perfect tile. So we gave up for the night.

And we won a 2 foot high victorian light for our backyard from ebay! Yay! we are winners!

I’m going to use it to make our back yard look like this


We went to our local pub/bistro.

The food, atmosphere and people were great! But after all the excitement we over ordered on the wine and needed to bring a bottle home. Perfectly normal?

Only we couldn’t put a cork in it!


Eventually they gave Will a napkin to stuff in the bottle for the short term and asked if we were just bringing it to the car?

Car- Uh what?! We’ve just had a bottle and a half plus some whiskys?! Is that what people outside of London do?

We walked two blocks home and realised we still haven’t decided about those radiators or tiles. For another day…..

Ps. Happy Birthday Pappa Bear!!!!

20130216-094249.jpg xox


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