Singin Hott Hott Hott

I almost peed my pants with all that living room mood boarding excitement. Now that that’s over, pants have been washed and paint samples are on their way- Will has moved on- and thinks its time to buy the radiators (or rads as he informs me the cool kids say).

I’m all excited because growing up where heating comes from a vent, I still think radiators are a pretty accessory to a room. Every house I’ve lived in in England has had them and I’ve never taken too much notice unless I needed to hang something up to dry.

So when Mr. Stud said we need to buy the rads, I was thinking beautiful. I want them to look like this


Ohh and this one for the diner/library


Will’s reaction was like


‘Just how much do you think those rads cost?’

I was like…. ‘£50?’


Wrong!!! Those motha lovers are thousands of pounds. Thousands! And we need about 12 of them to warm up our house.

But the idea of having one of those ugly £20 ones in my otherwise pristine living room breaks my heart! I asked Will for a compromise- maybe just a couple of expensive ones and the rest can be the cheapies? Please please please


But he said no. It can’t be done on our shoe string budget. I’m stuck with radiators like this


But I’ve cut the number of ugly radiators down. Only one in the diner and two in the living room, I’m not as bothered with the bedrooms or hallways, we can lather the rads in the fly over rooms.

Screw those rads and their practicality. Not having as many will force us to use our fireplaces (there are 6 of them for goodness sake). And I’d rather spend my time making a fire than having unused ugly wall eating radiators scattered all around.

I may spend my winter like this though



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