The big question: ‘where do you want the light sockets?’

What’s worse than a sheet of snow on the ground? A sheet of snow that isn’t thick enough for a snow day! Excitement abound last night when we anticipated a day off- think of the progress we could make- to get those light sockets in and maybe the floor down- but alas the British weather has let us down again and off to work we go.

On Friday after the joists went in, Will unknowingly sprung a life changing question to me that has been puzzling me all weekend- simply ‘where do you want the power sockets?’

The power sockets? We can’t just put those around willy nilly, we need to know how we want the room decorated? Heaven forbid you choose to put a lamp far away from a power socket and then you get the cord running all around your otherwise beautiful room.

So unexpectedly out came all of the mood board pictures- the paint colours I’ve been hoarding and fabric samples all organised on Pinterest. I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to start interiors until the summer and here we are in the snow being asked to decide such big questions- like where do the power sockets go?

First thing I can tell you is the disappointment I had when I realised that my room is no where near the size of the rooms in the magazines and Pinterest. Pinterest should come with a warning about this. I spent an hour of my life being disappointed that I can’t fit a 6 person sofa in the room and then snapped out of it.

I’ve been hoarding a couple of doozy inspirational shots that I’ve wanted to replicate in our living room.

That beauty is my ultimate favourite living room. Our decorating style is normally quite cluttered and eclectic- and that is how most of the house will be- but this picture has inspired me to want a cavernous living room. One with gray pretty molding, lots of windows and parquet. It feels very Parisian/ Bridgett Fontaine/ bramble cocktail to me. You can imagine friends just lounging around on those sofas.

Then there’s this one20130211-084035.jpg

A bit more boho- bare feet instead of kitten heals like in the image before- but more or less the same feeling plus the industrial lights. Gotsta have those lights. Same cavernous gray molding and parquet with windows feel.

Than we mixed it up with this

Yes those feature tarnished mirrors are stunning- but while I love the idea of them I think it’s my natural eclectic side wanting to come out and fill every wall with something different- which is not the plan for this room.


But this baby-making sofa could totally fit into the plan.

So could this one20130211-084716.jpg

I love the idea of big print upholstery for the sofas or curtains. But I’d like to choose a print like this painting20130211-084944.jpg

Or maybe for the curtains? Like the pelmet I made for our old flat? Problem is Will hated it and some how we are always finding inconspicuous things in abstract print. General consensus was that there was a sideways vagina hidden in the pelmet I made


Can you see it on the right hand side?

I don’t think that having a sideways noonyburger in the living room is a problem and really having the massive mind blot test in our living room helps us confirm that our friends who also see the sideways pretty quim are singing from the same hymn sheet as us.

But never mind the abstract.

To finish the place off, we need to accessorise! I’m all about the cheeky ones

Like these naughty cherubs

Or this cracker of a photograph


Whatever we choose, the power sockets will be in the right place. We’ve also agreed that we’ll have molding and parquet. Still going back and forth about the bi-folding door situation but have decided to hide some surprises in the molding to keep our friends on their toes.



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