The man with the master plan

When I came home last night Mr. Stud-band (aka Will) had a surprise for me.

See he gets really excited about things like radiator placement for the house. Don’t get me wrong he is equally excited about electrics but we haven’t gotten that far. Imminently we will have to purchase a new boiler with radiators so right now the big question on Will’s mind is, ‘where will we put all the rads?’.

Well there was really only one way to get the overall picture of ‘where the rads will go.’ Writing on scraps of paper is for amateurs and would not do.

He plastered it up in our hall (I like to pretend its because he knows how much I hate that wallpaper)


Because every professional knows when you make things bigger and put them on the wall, it’s easier to sell the idea


But this is totally going to work for me. I get to use these blown up plans to put my mood boards scraps on. I’m talking colours!

And at the end of the day I don’t care where he puts those rads or how we do it- as long as they work and keep us warm.

Because I’ll be damned if I have to walk around the house looking like this



2 thoughts on “The man with the master plan

  1. Smelly Pants! I cannot wait to visit Abe! Love your excitement at your own Grand Design! It will look amazing! Have fun touching and feeling up Abe! Asha xxxxx

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