Have yourself a bedroom

Our first mission was to make one room liveable. Not beautiful and not finished- but liveable, so we could let the rest if the house be a shattered mess and it wouldn’t matter because we had a retreat.

So the bedroom it was.

We started with tearing down the 10000000 metres of wallpaper.

Then sanded the floors


Then painted the walls white. It took about 4 coats and still ain’t white. The walls will not be white when we finish the room- but for now white is what we wanted, cheap and cheerful.

And then brought all of our junk in.

It’s not beautiful but it’s cozy for now.

Here is the before


Oh ya check out the blue trim and radiator


And the after


The rug came back from Istanbul with us. It took two hours of haggling- we didn’t get it until we left the shop- they chased us on the road and said we could have it because we were the first deal on a Sunday and its lucky to start the week off with a sale. Ok by us.


As I said, it’s cozy for now. You can see its potential.


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