2 designers and a Pinterest-phile

We knew from taking Abe on that when the day we started to design things like kitchens/bathrooms all hell would break loose, we called it D day (design day) and I thought the whole experience would end with us sleeping in separate rooms.

I figured WW 3 would begin for three reasons namely, Will, Lindsey and Me. Will is a kitchen and bathroom designer, a spectacular one. So is his mother Lindsey, who taught the kid everything she knows. And I have no credentials at all but I looovvveeee Pinterest. And apparently lots of the stuff on Pinterest is either actually not possible and is just a display, or is waaaaayyyyy too expensive. Whatever. I still love Pinterest.

So we began with the bathroom, less controversial than a kitchen and because we had already bought a bathtub, toilet, sink and shower tray at a clearance sale 2 months ago (yes we bought a bathtub before we bought the house- anyone who has lived in a small flat without a bathtub for 3 years will understand) so we thought the bathroom should be easy-er-ish. Ha.

It went kind of like this.

‘Hey guys, look at this cool shower, lets do this!’


They were like ‘woah slow down nelly, that shower would cost £300000000000 to do right.’ Imitation won’t do for that type of design.

And who am I to argue?

So then I said ok, ‘hey guys how about this one’


No can do, apparently it’s not real- must be a display photo- you could not actually fit a person under those shower heads in that small space between the wall and glass and besides Will said the neighbours would be seeing your giggly bits (unless you lived on your own private 10 acres surrounded by woods, but be careful, Kate Middleton thought those private woods could conceal her as well until her Lucy & Ethel’s graced the glossies). 2 Design team-0 Pinterest

The night kinda kept going like, I’d make an outrageous suggestion based on pinterest that the experts would quickly debunk.

Until I found this beauty


After speaking to a couple of friends who are plumbers, we had it confirmed that with a new boiler/pump/something technical that double shower is totally doable- and we are doing! Hand clap for having a double shower!

Then we had a little problem with the bath tub- we bought the beauty for £60 at a clearance sale because it had a scratch. It looks like this.


But when trying to fit it into the bathroom somewhere- we felt like it was this big


I mean that £60 bathtub would just not fit anywhere. To make it more difficult I was stubborn and did not want it pushed up against a wall. So smack in the middle if the room it is going- with of course a giant cool as chandelier above it like this one


On to the sink- this was all agreed relatively quickly. Will wanted a double sink, I didn’t like how ‘his’ and ‘hers’ that seemed. It’s a partnership right? Wes gotta share (we’ve only just been married over a year, perhaps I’ll regret that statement one day). So we went for a trough- like this one.



And finally, we got into accessories a bit and chose ourselves a mural- to have behind the bathtub. I love it and can not wait to see it on the wall. It will cover the size of 2200 cm by 1500 cm.


There are still a ton of things to choose like tiles, lights, colours, style of the linen cabinet (which so matters to me). But what we don’t have to choose is a soap dispenser- I found that about a month ago (it took me a couple of months eBay hopping to find the exact one I was after).


Again priorities right? I found the soap dispenser before buying the house.

So alas, after about 3-4 hours (but who is counting?) we all agreed and were happy with the finished design.


My father thought that the bathtub was a rug with a spider over it- just to make it clear- the rug with a spider is actually an image of the 100 foot bathtub with a chandelier above it.


Tell me I'm wrong

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