Back in the Saddle

Well our long hiatus is officially over.

In March we enjoyed laying in bed until 10 on a Sunday- bliss. We went on holiday to Krakow and got to see more of our friends.

I think we worked on the house for maybe one half a day, and that was just to make the living room pretty for my sister-in-laws baby shower we had at ours last weekend (separate post one the shower to come)

So we painted and put the door up in the living room.



Our break in March was just what we needed, but I am still without a kitchen. And now some big things are about to happen in the Autumn that mean we need to get cracking on Abe.

Before the excitement sets in, it’s not a baby- possibly a dog?? Sorry Mama. In
the Autumn, Will is starting his own kitchen company and I’m starting a part-time PhD.

So we are once again on a strict deadline. Kitchen and outside of the house, done by September. No more sleep-ins for us.

I’m told if all goes to plan (like when does that happen) I will have a kitchen. In 3 months. That means by July.

So yesterday we plasterboarded and angle beaded and generally made a mess.



It’s all starting again here folks.

Bring on July

5 Reasons Womanhood is the Best Hood

It was International Women’s Day over the weekend. Many of you know my day job is around working
to end violence against women and girls and I am a proud card carrying feminist (not bra-burning, even with mosquito bites I need a bit of support ). But I think International Women’s Day should just be about female-ness and how to celebrate it internationally.

I’ve lived in 3 countries, which is hardly really international, but below is what I’ve learned most women have in common and what sets us a part from men.

1). Girls bathroom at any bar/pub/club are sparkly and kind like unicorn hugs.
Somewhere in the world right now there are women who do not know each other talking in a bathroom about how much they love each other’s outfit and gossiping about men. Bathrooms are one of our only unrestricted places and believe it or not, we are generally really genuinely nice to each other when men aren’t around. To me, public bathrooms in bars are my Disney land and my friends agree. So much so that in college we use to go to clubs and just hang out in the bathroom.


2). We can look good in anything.
All women are beautiful. And unlike mens fashion which is pretty much internationally a outfit consisting of similar variations of jeans/trousers and shirt- women rock all sorts of looks and look beautiful. From Madonna and her pointy bra/Lycra number to saris, babushkas and kangas. Women look beautiful in anything.


3). Babies.
We have them. Obviously this means God chose female as the stronger sex.


4). Emotions
Society lets us feel- and feel we do. I don’t agree with, and can’t imagine, growing up as a boy where you are told ‘not to cry.’ It’s not fair on men or women. I think that’s why the way it currently stands, women have to feel for both genders. Taking this role pretty seriously I think I cry enough for the both of us.


5). Sisters
And I mean the kind you’re born with and the kind you make yourself. I love my husband but there are some things he just will never understand, and thank god we have female friends who we can chat about the difficult stuff like ‘should I cut my hair short,’ and who get it when we say ‘I cried in front of my boss.’


So for all my females and feminists- and people who love women and people who love unicorn hugs- Go Women!