Herringbone Kitchens is Getting Fit

He’s only gone and started his own kitchen company Herringbone Kitchens

The last couple of weeks have blended in to each other and churned in to months. Will has been working endlessly at it all and you can tell. Every detail has been scrutinised.

Well almost every detail, there was the one slight problem on a sign but nothing a little white out can’t fix



Easy thing to solve! Also there are still a couple of things we need to change in the website, but we are mostly really pleased with it. Have a look at

I am so proud, you can look back through these past months at how far he’s come! From the first plans



To the first couple of days of fitting the shop!





By the is time next week the work tops will be on and we will be putting the finishing touches on. Roll on August

What Happens When Your Husband Starts His Own Company

There are times in every marriage that surprise you- the first time you go to a wedding together and think that one day this will be you two, the first Christmas together when one of you is away from your family and the other tries to make it that much more special for you, when you first pool your finances and find out about the maxed out credit cards the other person has, the first time you accidentally fart in front of the other person, you know- the little things you think you know about your other half that surprise you.

Dobble has surprised me many times over the past 6 years, but nothing could’ve prepared me for this feeling.

You’ll know from the last post that he’s decided to start his own kitchen company. Herringbone Kitchens The company is coming together and should be open by the 15th of July. Dobble has been working endlessly on every detail, from building the website to choosing the handles for the cabinets. And what I’m learning about him just surprises me every day. He is a machine. And only crashes every once in awhile


I’ve felt many things for him over the past 6 years, including feeling very proud, but If I take that feeling and times it by a 100 that still wouldn’t explain it. I’ve been surprised by Will countless times, but I’ve never expected to feel this proud.

The Birth of Herringbone Kitchens

I may have said Will was going to start that kitchen company in the fall, well I lied.

See it all started after a few beers with friends. Under the influence of bubbles and Peroni we were all coming up with names for a hypothetical kitchen company. I think we tossed around Kitsch Kitchens, Middle-class green kitchens, Chester & Chase Kitchens (don’t know who they are but it sounds nice) until Andy came up with what we think is the money shot- Herringbone Kitchens.

From that Peroni the idea was born.

When we sobered up we bought the domain name, which in these days is more official then registering your company, and started drafting logos.


Will played around with plenty of options asking family and friends for help, until we all settled on the design..


And then Sophie taught us how to do a business plan and 3 year forecast ( years 1-2 are pretty scary and look like we will be hermits). When we did the 3 year plan and saw the road ahead with no holidays and not having the funds for our own kitchen, we decided to wait until the fall, after we at least had our own kitchen.

So we decided to sit on it and got back to plastering.

But then the retail rental gods laughed at us and were like ‘if you want this kids, you will have to sacrifice the blood of your own kitchen.’

And this old beauty descended upon us. Up for lease and cheaper than what we had budgeted for, in the middle of Canterbury.


And how could we say no?

So this happen


And this


All for this



We are hoping to open our doors mid- June. It means we’ve got lots of late nights and grown up decisions to make before then but we couldn’t be happier or luckier to have such a supportive family.

I am so proud of this man

On to the next awfully big adventure.